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Why fdForge

Advantages of the web platform

fdForge allows to implement a project tailored to the individual needs of your business and its products and services

Flexibility and easy setup
Project time and cost
All data in one system
Convenient user management
Flexibility and easy setup
  • Basic entities and business logics are built directly in the system
  • Business process management and customization
  • Convenient role division for access control
Project time and cost
  • Quick deployment of the MVP version of the project
  • The price of integration is lower than developing the project from scratch
  • Quick implementation of new functions through updates
All data in one system
  • All lead information is stored and processed within one system
  • Secure storage of clients' personal data thanks to the flexible adjustment of administrator permissions
  • Storing and processing all the paperwork within one system with different access levels and responsible executives
Convenient user management
  • Flexible customization of user cards in the system
  • Saving all client message history
  • Segmentation of users and analysis of their activity


Who is already using fdForge

A few of our projects successfully integrated with fdForge


Areas of implementation

Applicable industries

fdForge offers the most relevant business optimization features that are suitable for different industries and models and are constantly updated and supplemented with new options by Fresh Design Agency team. Moreover, the platform is already used by numerous international companies.


High development speed and flexible customization of fdForge allow us to implement projects within short timeframes without affecting their future scalability which is often critical for start-ups. The flexible structure of fdForge makes it possible to introduce changes into project design at a short notice.


A service matching photographers and photo editing specialists

Thanks to the basic fdForge modules, a full-fledged marketplace for photographers and photo-editing specialists was implemented, allowing to conclude deals, calculate the price of services, assign user roles, and solve conflicts all in one system.


A service of medical video consultations

An MVP scheme was designed to implement the main concept of this startup devoted to medical video consultations. Features allowing to work with users, conclude deals, fill out calendars, perform API integration with insurance companies, and keep and store patient medical records online were established from the very start. In the following months, Botkin.pro service was improved and supplemented with new capabilities whenever fdForge itself was updated.


Microfinance services have to be expeditious, reliable, and flexible when it comes to customization as it is important to adjust product terms regularly in response to market changes, alter the process of communication with the target audience, and keep analytics on all user actions in the system at the same time. The successful implementation of fdForge into numerous projects in this industry proves the effectiveness of our platform.

Development of a content and request management system for a microcredit service in Poland.


Aggregator of microloans

This high-load microloan aggregator receiving and processing over 50,000 requests daily was developed on the base of fdForge. A feature allowing to configure the processing of incoming requests was designed.

User dashboard allowing clients to receive credits to their own bank cards was developed on the base of fdForge.


One of the leaders of online micro loans

User dashboard allowing clients to receive credits to their own bank cards was developed on the base of fdForge


Over 370 physical credit offices

The flexible configuration of fdForge allowed to optimize the service and change it in response to the growing number of mobile users who comprised 78% of the total number of users at the time of development.


Ukrainian national network of pawnshops

A rewards program, an accountancy module, and a client communication module were developed on the base of fdForge; moreover, an integration with third-party lot evaluation services was performed.


A financial company from Poland

Development of a content and request management system for a microcredit service in Poland


fdForge helps to simplify the management of corporate bank resources through a CMS and systems of request processing and planning and distribution of bank recourses and products. In addition, fdForge allows to perform flexible integration with all internal bank services.

Alfa bank

A record-keeping system for a referral program

A referral program module allowing to track users who apply for bank services following the advice of their family members and friends was implemented on the base of fdForge.

VTB bank

A system processing requests from landing pages

A system processing requests from landing pages.

A single API allowing to process requests for bank products coming from different sources and to notify responsible employees was implemented on the base of fdForge.

MTB Bank

A bank with a twenty-year history

Enterprise resource management system and incoming requests processing system were developed on the base of fdForge. The system is suited to be simultaneously operated by numerous specialists with different roles.


fdForge became the foundation of a large medical service. Online video consultations, doctors' schedules, an accounting system, and an API allowing integration with insurance companies were all implemented thanks to the optimized system modules.

All project mechanics, such as user and deal management, calendars, API integrations with insurance companies, and a module allowing to process patients' records were implemented on the base of fdForge.

Botkin pro

A service of medical video consultations

An MVP scheme was designed to implement the main concept of this startup devoted to medical video consultations. Features allowing to work with users, conclude deals, fill out calendars, perform API integration with insurance companies, and keep and store patient medical records online were established from the very start. In the following months, Botkin.pro service was improved and supplemented with new capabilities whenever fdForge itself was updated.


fdForge was successfully integrated into the projects of retail companies of different sizes for the purposes of managing catalogues, tracking requests, and communicating with the audience. The simplicity of setup and use allows new employees to join the work processes as soon as possible.

Art de Suisse

An online shop of jewellery and watches

Content and catalogue item management, as well as processing of requests sent by the clients of this online boutique was developed on the base of fdForge.

Glamour Diamond

A jewellery catalogue

The processes of catalogue and content management of the company were optimized thanks to fdForge. In addition, the collection of analytical data regarding user behaviour in the system was introduced.


fdForge was used to automate the processes typical for the beauty industry, such as beauty salon search, online booking, and request processing. The ease of setup and use of the system allowed to introduce it to new employees on a short notice, which is good for business scalability.

The Joy Gmbh

An international beauty marketplace

A large marketplace was implemented within a very short timeframe of 7 months from the concept stage to deployment. A platform enabling communication between beauty specialists, beauty salon owners, and clients was launched on the base of fdForge. Such features as online booking of services in a calendar, analytics, and accounting are available.


Marketplace for beauty and health specialists

A module enabling the conclusion of deals and calculation of service prices, user role division, and a conflict resolution system were all implemented thanks to the basic fdForge modules.


fdForge allows to deploy a company site that is meant to become an ultimate platform enabling the communication between partners and company clients, which simplifies content management (news, catalogues), makes it possible to design a single document management system and a system tracking requests from suppliers, partners, and clients in one convenient interface. The processing of all these requests is facilitated thanks to the internal communication services used by the employees.


An online auction of oil and natural gas

Document generation, auctioning, analytics collection, and project content management systems were all implemented and united in fdForge.


A construction company

The content management and application processing system of online offices of Polstrad are powered by fdForge.


Production of elevator equipment

fdForge became the basis for the systems of maintaining a corporate knowledge database and processing requests. It allowed to optimize the interaction with the clients and company contractors.


Flexibility, responsiveness, and safety were the key demands of online insurance services when working with fdForge. Product modules that allow to customize the frequently changing terms of selling and formalizing insurance products were among the most sought-after features for such projects.


The first online insurance company in Ukraine

FdForge product module was used to configure complex insurance calculators that deduce the price of an insurance based on all relevant factors. Besides, the system was used to process insured events applications and requests regarding new company products.


With the help of the services developed on the base of fdForge, company clients will be able to quickly find relevant information without any hassle whether they are looking for the best agency in a given region or for the best tour that fits their requests. Even if a client doesn't know where he or she would like to go, the tourist service will ask them questions to find the most suitable tour.


A service selling tourist websites and ready-to-use tour selection modules

A request management system for a B2B website in the area of tourism was developed on the base of fdForge. The main goal was to optimize the system for a flexible builder of promo pages for tourist companies.


Large services enabling the organization of esports events, betting, and international news resources were implemented on the base of fdForge. All of this became possible thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the system as new rules and business processes could be created for every project and industry.


An e-sports portal

Thanks to fdForge, the platform core including a tournament module and a betting platform module working according to user behaviour was implemented

Easy Rocket

A developer of e-sports resources

FdForge was used as one of the components of the Big Deal Engine, an esports platform.


The key to FMCG's success is scalability and flexibility of fdForge when it comes to configuring every new project. FdForge platform allows to track and analyse the performance of promotional campaigns and to collect requests from different sources.


An international brand of alcoholic beverages

fdForge is used to manage the content resources of the company in different regions and process feedback requests.

Green Day

A brand of alcoholic beverages

fdForge is used as a basis of web resource of an alcohol brand


"Run for the kids" project

A module allowing participants to register and pay for their participation in the charity marathon was powered by fdForge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions?
What makes your platform different from standard CMS's?

fdForge is a multifunctional platform that combines the features of several systems, such as CMS, CRM, construction and management of business processes, data storage and processing, task management, management of web projects of any complexity. This is why content management system (CMS) is only one of the components of fdForge.

Is it possible to purchase fdForge individually?

fdForge is a part of the project development process. This is why we do not sell it as a stand-alone product, but rather as a complex solution for the digital transformation of your business performed by Fresh Design Agency.

How is fdForge updated?

fdForge team constantly works to improve the platform, which is why platform updates occur whenever new features are introduced to it. These updates are hassle-free for our clients, but we always agree about the time and date of every new release with our customers in advance just in case.

Will it be possible to migrate to another system without any data loss?

fdForge offers an opportunity to build business processes inside the platform, organize the work flow, and store, group, and analyse the data stored internally. This is why the business logic will have to be built anew when migrating to another system, while the data can be exported in an .xls file.

Which projects would fdForge suit the most?

fdForge is a flexible and configurable core allowing to refine the procedural logic of a system. It is universal, which makes it suitable for projects in different areas of production. fdForge has proven itself best in the following cases:

  • Projects with unusual concepts, such as start-ups and large web services that require non-standard solutions;
  • Automations of business processes;
  • Collection, processing, segmentation, and storage of leads with a high level of security within the fdForge platform.
Which guarantees are ensured when developing a project based on fdForge?

The team of Fresh Design Agency involved into the development of projects powered by fdForge has been in business for over a decade. We have developed an optimal business process that allows us to turn the ideas of our clients into full-fledged web projects. Each new project of ours begins with a pre-development analysis conducted by our analysts in cooperation with the representatives of our client's company. We study your business and its internal processes and analyse all gathered data. We use it to design a set of technical requirements which guarantees absolute compliance of the functional component of the project with the original request of the client.

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