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Product Module

The product module helps to manage the features and terms of product and service sales. This module facilitates the process of changing individual products which allows to track the demand for different products or services (through A/B testing) of the company.

Communications history, information on leads and communication processes involving the client are stored in fdForge CRM where they can be distributed among responsible employees and departments, grouped, and analysed.

Модуль Продуктов fdForge

User Module

This module offers a structured display of user information.

It allows to customize properties and user types, review individual user information, segment users, display analytics regarding the resulting segments and compare them.

Модуль Пользователей fdForge

Deal Module

The deal module helps to easily set up and track different types of operations performed within the system.

For example, there are at least three types of operations within a single deal performed on the service of medical video consultations:

  • patient paying on the platform
  • the platform charging commissions
  • the platform paying to doctors

Модуль Сделок fdForge

Marketing Module

The Marketing module of fdForge includes the following capabilities:

  • Segmentations of platform users:
    allows to combine and group user data depending on their parameters, and behaviour. Moreover, the segmentation makes it possible to track changes in every segment, compare the efficiency of the marketing activities conducted for every segment, analyze the intersections of 3 and more segments, and assign each segment a different newsletter.
  • Newsletter:
    this module helps to create SMS templates or email newsletters.
  • Sales Funnel:
    fdForge offers an opportunity to customize the visualization of user activity depending on project specifics and business processes.
  • SEO rules:
    the module offers an opportunity of setting up SEO data, such as meta tags with a hierarchy and rules of assignment.

Модуль Маркетинга fdForge


The content management module (CMS) makes it possible to change all content elements of the website, including headers, footers, and individual static and dynamic pages.

The content module was developed to simplify the process of content creation, editing, and moderation, and so that the number of steps a user makes to make an action is minimal.

The CMS module in fdForge is user-friendly and easy to manage thanks to the collection of user feedback and platform updates.

Модуль Контент fdForge

Document Management Module

The document management module is an important element of the CRM system that is suitable both for the inner processes of the company and client interaction. The module allows to link all relevant documents to different entities, such as products, services, or deals.

For example, the document management module implemented into the Botkin.Pro services allows to keep in-house electronic medical records thanks to which the doctor can consult his or her patients online while checking their medical records and history in the system.

Administrative Module

The flexibility of fdForge allows to change system settings of the platform in a simple interface, log actions in the administrative dashboard, and customize employee access to different parts of your web project.

Модуль Администрация fdForge


The help module was created in order to assist users in using fdForge.

Whenever there are questions concerning different modules or the platform in general, the help module provides users with all necessary answers.

In addition, this module can be supplemented with additional company info and sections on fdForge settings suited for each individual project.

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