Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your platform different from standard CMS's?

fdForge is a multifunctional platform that combines the features of several systems, such as CMS, CRM, construction and management of business processes, data storage and processing, task management, management of web projects of any complexity. This is why content management system (CMS) is only one of the components of fdForge.

Is it possible to purchase fdForge individually?

fdForge is a part of the project development process. This is why we do not sell it as a stand-alone product, but rather as a complex solution for the digital transformation of your business performed by Fresh Design Agency.

How is fdForge updated?

fdForge team constantly works to improve the platform, which is why platform updates occur whenever new features are introduced to it. These updates are hassle-free for our clients, but we always agree about the time and date of every new release with our customers in advance just in case.

Will it be possible to migrate to another system without any data loss?

fdForge offers an opportunity to build business processes inside the platform, organize the work flow, and store, group, and analyse the data stored internally. This is why the business logic will have to be built anew when migrating to another system, while the data can be exported in an .xls file.

Which projects would fdForge suit the most?

fdForge is a flexible and configurable core allowing to refine the procedural logic of a system. It is universal, which makes it suitable for projects in different areas of production. fdForge has proven itself best in the following cases:

  • Projects with unusual concepts, such as start-ups and large web services that require non-standard solutions;
  • Automations of business processes;
  • Collection, processing, segmentation, and storage of leads with a high level of security within the fdForge platform.
Which guarantees are ensured when developing a project based on fdForge?

The team of Fresh Design Agency involved into the development of projects powered by fdForge has been in business for over a decade. We have developed an optimal business process that allows us to turn the ideas of our clients into full-fledged web projects. Each new project of ours begins with a pre-development analysis conducted by our analysts in cooperation with the representatives of our client's company. We study your business and its internal processes and analyse all gathered data. We use it to design a set of technical requirements which guarantees absolute compliance of the functional component of the project with the original request of the client.

What are the terms of support?

After the final project release, we always offer our clients our help and assistance in supporting the project. Our team offers an Assistance Service for the projects of our clients that includes a certain number of support hours per month. Within the scope of this service, we follow the development of your project, conduct A/B testing, and introduce all necessary changes. Moreover, we also update the platform to the latest version during these support hours.

What are the technical requirements for the implementation of fdForge?

The technical requirements are rather simple and can be easily met by most servers and cloud solutions:

  • A Unix-like operating system
  • PHP version 7.1 or later
  • DBMS MySQL version 5.7
What is the procedure for launching a project on fdForge?

Once the team of fdForge completes all project operations and agrees with the client about the release date, the project is launched on production servers.

Will I be able to understand how fdForge API works on my own?

Once the work is done, we brief the team of our client on how to work with fdForge. fdForge API is rather simple and includes interactive hints which facilitates the process. The system also features Help section where users can find all necessary information on how to work with fdForge. Moreover, the Help section can be extended and integrated with the internal company knowledge database.

What guarantees the security of the service?

Access to the administrative part of fdForge can only be configured from the internal network of the enterprise. When authenticating, the black list is checked to make sure that the user IP is not there.

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